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Pecha Kucha

sheila pecha kucha

INSPIRE JAPAN Berlin was organized and moderated by Uleshka held at LessRain’s Basement Bar.

Japan has inspired designers for many generations, it is where the Pecha Kucha show-and-tell event format was born, and it has gone on to inspire designers to get together in 400 cities around the world, to share their creativity at more than 1000 events each year. With the Global Pecha Kucha Day INSPIRE JAPAN over 100 cities came together to show Japan that the creative world is thinking of them, that all is not lost, and that it is possible to stand up and rebuild, even in villages and towns which have been completely destroyed on March 11th, 2011 and onwards.

The 20×20 presentations focused on 4 main themes: INSPIRE, JAPAN, THE ISSUES, and RECOVERY. All money raised at the events went straight to Architecture for Humanity and their plan to rebuild Japan.

Ich habe Objekte aus meinem privaten Archiv gezeigt und über die Geschichten die in Ihnen stecken berichtet. Jedes Objekt hat für mich seinen ganz besonderen Wert. Mal ist er ästhetischer Natur oder ich halte aus privaten Gründen an dem Gegenstand fest.

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